Short Film (2017)


9 minutes


Evelyn Lockley & Kate Lock


Serena Chloe Gardner


Nasreen Cullen 

Supported by:

Film London, BFI


Grace lives on a council estate with her mentally ill mother Cathy. Unable to manage her mother’s illness any longer, Grace takes matters into her own hands and begins to reassess whether the decision she makes really was the best way to help her mum. 
Set over one night and one day, Blackout is a 9-minute coming of age drama. A story of love, trust and growing up the hard way.


Now available to watch on Amazon Prime 



BFI Southbank London - 2017
Southampton International Film Festival - 2017
BAFTA London - 2018
Euro Shorts International Film Festival - 2018
Chelmsford Film Festival - 2018
Shorts on Tap "Women in Revolt: Director's Cut" - 2018
New Renaissance Film Festival - 2018
Kerry Film Festival - 2018
Overcome Film Festival - 2018
Nottingham International Film Festival - 2018
Birmingham Film Festival -2018
TweetFest - 2018
Crystal Palace Film Festival - 2018

Performance Insurance Short Awards - 2018
British Shorts Berlin -2019

Lift-Off London - 2019
Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival - 2019
British Urban Film Festival - 2019

The Short Film Awards - 2019

Lift-Off - 1st Time Filmmakers Hollywood Showcase - 2020

Awards & Nominations:  

Best Short Film - Southampton International Film Festival 2017

Supporting Performance in a Short (Kate Lock) - Southampton International Film Festival 2017
Best Female Director - London Independent Film Awards 2018
Best Short - Gold Movie Awards 2018
Best Social Drama - New Renaissance Film Festival 2018
Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film (Kate Lock) - Overcome Film Festival 2018
Best Short Film - Birmingham Film Festival 2018

Best Actress (Evelyn Lockley) - The Short Film Awards 2019

Best Supporting Actress (Kate Lock) - The Short Film Awards 2019


Director of a Short - Southampton International Film Festival

Editing in a Short (Miguel Javierre Lloro) - Southampton International Film Festival,

Leading Actress in a Short (Evelyn Lockley) - Southampton International Film Festival

Best Actress (Evelyn Lockley) - Chelmsford Film Festival

Best UK Short - New Renaissance Film Festival 

Best Short - Nottingham International Film Festival 'In Competition'

Finalist - Performance Insurance Short Awards 

Best Short - British Urban Film Festival 'In Competition'

Best F-Rated Short - Tweetfest

Best Short Film - The Short Film Awards 

Best Editing (Miguel Javierre Lloro) - The Short Film Awards 

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