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Feature Film (est. 2023)


(Coming soon!)


(Coming Soon!)


Serena Chloe Gardner


Serena Chloe Gardner & David Curtis


Nasreen Cullen 


This project is currently in development

Supported by:

Directors UK, Fizz & Ginger Films


For centuries the town of Fairweather has lived in fear of a 1000-year-old witch called Annis. Neither human nor beast now, she feeds on the young and uses their skin to decorate her cave dwelling. An ancient agreement binds the creature and once a year they sacrifice a child to keep the village safe. 

As time moves on, the villagers have looked for more elaborate ways of saving their own and sacrificing others, now promoting their idyllic hamlet as a place of tourism, ideal for families. 

Two couples venture out to the small village of Fairweather for a birthday weekend. 

Heavily pregnant Ayesha begins to experience paranoia and visions of Annis, that lead her to believe something more sinister lies within. 

A sequence of events within the local Merrywell family, lead to widower John Merrywell punishing his daughter Sophie. She escapes and tries to warn Ayesha who is captured by the mob and lead away to the sacrificial square. 

The fate of the travellers is now left in the hands of their deceptive hosts.

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