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Six weeks of Summer

Feature Film (est. 2021)


(Coming soon!)


(Coming Soon!)


Serena Chloe Gardner


Nasreen Cullen 


This project is currently in development


Summer is young, smart and very very angry! Set within a punk rock music scene surrounded by a world of Climate Change, #MeToo and Brexit. Provocative artist Summer and her musician brother Steven survive on a run down council estate in London, looking after their drug addict father, where hopes are for dreamers and reality is far from fiction.  

Desperately wanting to escape the fate of her family by going to uni,  a tragedy hits the family and forces Summer to choose between chasing her dreams and accepting her fate. 


She seeks comfort in her best friend and searches for answers to understand her grief, identify and place in the world. This is an alternative coming-of-age story set in the modern world. 


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